We value each child, fostering play and exploration to enhance learning and development.

A Holistic Approach

Our staff facilitate learning spaces and opportunities where our children wonder, question, think, predict and investigate. Our learners are exposed to endless possibilities by cultivating an environment of discovery which embeds not just learning outcomes and skills acquisition but a love of learning which will promote long term growth and development.



Incorporating Science; Technology; Engineering; the Arts and Maths as a basis for exploration and learning, a STEAM approach encourages exploration, communication and the development of critical thinking skills in children and will create a comfortable familiarity with a key learning premise in school settings and formal education.

Brain Development

Our brain development programme is tailored to providing children with the necessary tools to develop their cognitive skills. Early years’ experiences shape the architecture of the developing brain therefore, we focus on providing activities and spaces that promote positive cognitive development across all areas. This helps ensure our children develop a solid foundation for their future learning and education.


Our literacy programme provides our children with a stable ground to discover the world in a realistic and adventurous way. Literature is much more than the reading of a book, it is about exploring emotions, language development, moral and social development. It promotes creative thinking, problem solving and exploration of the world around them as well as language development and skills. Our literacy programme supports and enhances all areas of the curriculum and gives our learners the tools to become powerful speakers and writers who can express themselves coherently and clearly. It increases confidence and self-esteem and provides a solid foundation for school and for life.


Experience of and exploration of nature is vital to a child’s development. Our curriculum exposes children to nature daily through both the use of natural resources and outside space, enabling them to discover the patterns of nature and learn about the world around them. Exposure to nature supports the development of scientific skills and promotes social responsibility and increased understanding of cause and effect, sequencing, the natural world, biology and diversity. It also supports the development of communication and linguistic skills. As part of our Nature programme we use our outside space; local green spaces and forest school activities.

Visual Arts & Music

The arts are a pivotal aspect of a child’s development. Arts and music can make a child see the world and themselves in ways that change their thinking and being. Our curriculum creates a rich and varied outlook into the arts. Children are exposed to a variety of artistic practices.

We have regular trips to museums, galleries and atelier spaces where our learners become artists and find their artistic voice and have opportunities to listen to and express themselves through music and sound. This area of learning not only encourages the development of a rich cultural experience, it supports and develops pre-writing skills, fine and gross motor skills and encourages analytical thought and self-expression and supports holistic development.

Additional Language

Learning an additional language does not only enrich a child’s learning and cultural experiences it is known to boost problem solving skills, enhance critical thinking and improve memory, concentration and the ability to multi-task. We offer a weekly Italian class for all our rooms. We have one Italian teacher in each room to strengthen children’s ability to communicate in the language in a natural way and to reinforce learning throughout each day.

Movement & Physical Play

Movement and physical play are essential for healthy physical and brain development. Our programme supports strong foundations for the development of gross and fine motor skills and encourages concentration and focus in children. It also supports critical social development in our children and encourages team work and collaborative skills which support wider learning and development.

Emotional Well-being & Resilience

There is a strong focus in the Nursery on supporting children’s social and emotional well-being. We encourage children to identify, understand and express their emotions through creative arts, drama, literacy and physical movement activities. We also have child centred yoga and mindfulness programmes which support children to calm and centre themselves and to recognise and positively respond to their emotions.

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